Presentation Abstract

RCPAQAP approach for the Assessment of HER2BRISH Gastric Technical and Diagnostic Proficiency

In 2011, the RCPAQAP Anatomical Pathology discipline established an EQA assessment for the proficiency testing of HER2 BRISH Gastric testing.

This is a combined EQA exercise which comprises of a technical and diagnostic component. The aim of this exercise is to assess both the technical performance of participating laboratories for quality of staining as well as the pathologists’ interpretation of the HER2 ISH stain by providing HER2 gene mean cell counts and HER2 BRISH status from the stained slide according to the assessment criteria provided.

This presentation will provide an overview of the HER2 BRISH Gastric Program, assessment process and highlight the results from previous surveys.



Neeta Lal Biography

Neeta joined RCPAQAP in 2013, as a Scientist in Anatomical Pathology discipline. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, specializing in Histopathology. Her current role actively involves the preparation, delivery and reporting of Technical modules. She also co-ordinates the assessment meetings Technical and Neuropathology Technical Survey Modules. Prior to her role at RCPAQAP, her career includes appointments at University of Sydney and Concord Repatriation Hospital.

Zenobia Haffajee Biography

Zenobia is a Senior Scientist in Anatomical Pathology at the RCPAQAP. She holds a Masters of Medical Science Degree, specializing in Anatomical Pathology. She joined the RCPAQAP in October 2012. She is actively involved in the preparation and delivery of Immunohistochemistry Proficiency modules. She co-ordinates the assessment meetings and reports processed for the Immunohistochemistry and Electron Microscopy Technical Survey Modules.