National Society for Histotechnology (NSH), Cross Plains, United States

Presentation Abstract

The History of Hematoxylin

The first step to diagnosis in the vast majority of tissue slide preparations in any histological laboratory, be it clinical, research or veterinary, is the use of hematoxylin as a routine nuclear stain. Hematoxylin may be a common product in the histology laboratory but its origin, discovery, historical, economic and medical background is anything but common. This presentation will focus on all things hematoxylin including its logwood tree origin, its history and worldwide impact as a textile dye and its discovery as a biological stain. We will further explore the pathologists and scientists that lend their names to different types of hematoxylin and the techniques they incorporated into our all-important diagnostic nuclear stain.




Jean Mitchell resides in the state of Wisconsin, located in the Midwestern United States. She has been active in the field and an advocate for the field of histotechnology on state, regional, national and international levels for 40+ years, with numerous histotechnology presentations and publications to her name. She is head of technical support for Newcomer Supply, a US laboratory supply company and is the current NSH Vice-President. In her spare time, she enjoys sporting events, traveling, spending time with her two grandchildren, her four dogs and relaxing with a good book and a good wine.