Children’s Medical Research Institute, Westmead, Australia

Presentation Abstract

Cryosectioning of Cancer Tissues for Proteomic Analysis

Proteomics involves simultaneous measurement of thousands of proteins in a single sample. ProCan® is a major high-throughput research program using Mass Spectrometry to examine the proteome of human cancer with the goal of improving diagnostic and prognostic evaluation. Tissue samples are completely disrupted by pre-analytic processing and histopathologic features must be documented for comparison with proteomic profiles. We describe an approach allowing matched histopathology and proteomics analysis of cryopreserved cancer tissues.




Clare Loudon is a medical scientist who works full time in translational cancer research. She is the Histopathology Senior Research Assistant in Cancer Pathology at the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) at Westmead. At CMRI, Clare works in the ProCan program which is a major effort to document the proteomic profiles of human cancer tissues. The overall goal of ProCan is to develop novel approaches to tissue diagnosis that will assist treatment selection for individual patients.